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Introducing the NEW Key West Winter Menu!

We’ve just launched the NEW Key West winter menu and it’s tastier than ever before!


Enjoy a warm jacket potato loaded with your choice of filling – from classic Cheese & Beans to Curried Chicken Mayo. Perfect for keeping you warm this winter!

Or try our new Spicy Cheezza! Chargrilled butterfly chicken breast topped with spicy pizza sauce, chopped jalapenos, olives, pepperoni and lashings of cheese then oven baked. Served with house slaw and chips. Plus it’s Gluten Free!

Your British seaside favourites are still on the menu, so you won’t miss out on some lovely fish ‘n chips or a seafood platter!

There are more vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options too,  including Vegan Nachos and  Vegan Deluxe Pizza. Got questions about dietary requirements? Staff would be happy to help.

Check out the new menu