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No planned closures for Bournemouth Pier in 2024!

There has been some speculation in the media recently about the Bournemouth Pier closing in 2024 for maintenance. However, we can assure you that currently, there are no planned closures.

BCP council has been granted funding from the government’s ‘Levelling Up’ fund which will be used to repair the structure of the pier. However, it is at the early stages of design and once started, may take 12 months to complete. This is unlikely to start until Winter 2024/25 and we are not expecting any major impact to businesses on the pier.

Openwide director Rory Holburn said: “We are currently in discussion with the council to try to understand the details of their plans before we can assess the potential impact. However, from our experience in operating Cromer Pier, on behalf of North Norfolk District Council, any closures should be minimal as it is very easy to maintain access by managing and planning works in conjunction with operations in order to keep the business running as close to normal as possible, enabling us to protect jobs and retain the skills required for the future.”

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